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Appartement Français X INMEXICO

Appartement Français X INMEXICO

Appartement Français: From France to Mexico

The best French fashion brands, trends and products can be found in the recently opened online boutique Appartement Français.

Last year, was a decisive year for everyone, that’s why Sophie Larmenier decided to make a business out of lockdown. She decided to make a change in her life and her wish of bringin a little bit of her home country to Mexico came true, she opened a fashion and lifestyle concept store in Mexico with exclusive french brands called Appartement Français.

Some of the brands that can be found online are:

  • Maison Labiche (sustainable clothing and accessories for men and women that can be personalized with embroidered phrases)
  • Saint James (nautical style with more than 100 years of history)
  • Le Mont Saint Michel (everlasting workwear founded in 1913)
  • French Disorder (French casual but elegant and colorful brand for the whole family)
  • Durance (artisanal candles made in Provence)
  • Mazette (sunglasses that combine vintage and chic style)
  • La Carte des Vins SVP (Posters that work as a frame and tell the story of different French vineyards)
  • La Majorette à Moustache (art posters that portrait French culture clichés in a comic way)


Sophie fell involve with Mexico and has tried to combine both cultures in the store. The style that predominates is effortless chic, which a curated selection of the most exclusive brand for both men and women. Aside from the fashion options, some decor for home and office is also available like books and candles. The most amazing part of the curated pieces is that they’re all either eco-friendly or socially responsible. Regarding shipping the online concept store offers free shipping with purchases of $2,000 pesos to every corner of the Mexico, even though.


“My experience comes from 10 years in the textile industry. Un year in confinement gave the opportunity of questioning my life path. I made the decision one night and Appartement Français was born”

Sophie Larmenier


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